Why Yoga for Children ?


For children, yoga is an exciting, non-competitive, interactive, stimulating, and relaxing form of exercise. Children of all abilities can practice yoga and find success. Yoga promotes body awareness and interest in self-health. It helps children develop and maintain correct breathing and flexible and energetic bodies with good postures.

Yoga also works very well in the area of psychological well being. It offers tools that help children successfully deal with feelings of frustration, stress, and anxiety.



Yoga for Children who are Differently-Abled


Yoga is about meeting children where they are. It is not focusing on a child's disabilities but abilities.

The benefits:
• Increases attention, focus and concentration
• Builds self-esteem and confidence
• Develops strong muscles
• Strengthens hypotonic body parts • Loosens tight limbs
• Fosters language and interpersonal skills


Special Yoga Connect


Izabela strives to approach each child individually at his unique physical, emotional, and intellectual level and to energize the child's overall development and well-being. She focuses on proper breathing, stress release, self-regulation, and positive thinking.

She integrates music, storytelling, brain gym, relaxation and meditation techniques, with traditional yoga poses. She says, " In my yoga classes, I aim at creating an environment where children feel at ease and good about themselves, accepted, and encouraged for who they are and what they can do."


My Vision for Yoga for Children


My wish is to extend the benefits of yoga beyond the yoga studio or the school setting, and let the children, with the help and encouragement of parents and/or caregivers, utilize yoga poses and techniques whenever they need it throughout the day, whether it is to help them with homework, to calm down, relax, or simply feel better.

I envision a future of young yoga practitioners who own their relaxed , positive state of mind outside of the yoga session and carry it into the wider and brighter world of their everyday lives.